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Should I Set up My Own Business or Work for Company?

Emmanuel Mintah Asomaning -

In this world every individual or group of peoples who set up a business is/are looking for profit. No individual sets up a company and aims at making losses. That’s absurd! Unless one decides to do something for the community. Well even with that, the company does not make losses but gets the money that was invested into the business and uses the profit to make offers.

Nowadays, a lot of young talent use to ask themselves if they should become entrepreneurs or try to stick to an existing firm. It obviously hard to say or decide for anyone, but let look at the few things each decision involves.

Working for an organisation requires:

  • Full indulgence and integrity to your employer.

  • Work to an optimum time depending on the line of work.

  • Spending most of your time at work making other activities less important.

  • Limiting yourself in other aspect of human lives like say even getting time or family instead of mothers and nannies making families for us.

  • Following unsuitable protocols.

  • Making sure you make good output so that you can be promoted.

  • All concentration is on the organisation’s output

This and much is required when working for an organisation. These points raised mostly do not suit us but we say “we have no option”.

Well, in the other hand. Working for own self requires:

  • Full indulgence and integrity to yourself only.

  • Working to your satisfaction or working to your pleasure.

  • Can make all priorities important and at the top at the same time.

  • Following own protocols.

  • Promoting your own self depending on your own; therefore hence salary wise.

  • All concentration is on your on output and how you want it to be.

  • Having full control over your movement; that is when you decide to work, rest, eat, and sleep.

Looking at this requirement, there is more flexibility in your line of work besides you work for yourself. There is no stress, no pain but it’s all gain.

Tips to consider when you work for yourself

  • You first have to know your natural skills or perhaps talent being it writing, singing, reading, joking….

  • Then you got to explore your skills to the world by finding appropriate means.

  • Having confidence and being positive in your field.

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