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Must You talk of blogging when You are a blogger?

Ahmed Salifou -

A blogging blogger is someone who blogs on blogging.

Usually, he makes sure he keeps his audience up-to-date in blogging atmosphere (blog-o-sphere) or at least in his niche (the sector he talks about), and tries to provide, as possible as he/she can, some tips and tols about blogging.

But the goal is not really to teach them how to blog, but to teach them how to make use and make a profit from blogging. Meaning, as a blogger, how do you enjoy the berries of your effort?

Joke aside, you need to pay light bills, or even if you have a generator, at list you need to pay fuel, your web hosting and your domain name; in that case too you can also have your own web server in your room, but for how long is your generator going to sustain this entire infrastructure? You need to make money out of blogging (your job), and that’s what the blogging blogger always try to make you know.

If you are not getting what I am trying to say, the first thing you can do is to Google these sentences:

-“How to make money online?” -Or “How to make money with my website”

Such questions will lead you to blog bloggers’ websites. And you will ask me: “How can you be so sure?”

Relax, blog blogging to me is like pyramidal marketing where many people (followers) align behind one person with one high dream of becoming something they aspire for.

It is not bad

That’s OK and it works fine(at least for some time). My problem with it is that, like any pyramidal marketing system, when everyone gets to be aware of how the system works really, the network will get stacked and nothing moves again. So many blogs die every day because most of them come in as bloggers.

Blogging is a system. You have to make use of it with a well-shaped purpose. I prefer your blog on subjects that can keep your blog alive with a serious purpose, otherwise, I am certain that one day you will be short of topics to post or you will have to talk about things that are not really needed.

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