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China sets rules on the do's and don'ts for micro-blogging

Ahmed Salifou -

Two decades ago, the internet was like a new baby in the house. Quickly it has become our new favorite tool for cheap communication. Just after that, we understood how good it is for our daily jobs. We even went to make of it our workspace. It has globalized every possibility.

Consequently, the Internet has become a new weapon against our societies. Nobody can deny today how misinformation is destroying us. Anyone is free to stand and throughout there anything that comes to him in mind. Due to the new financial advantages related to online publication, many people, including miners, have taken that has their main source of income. This is generally called blogging.

In order to ensure national safety and the public interest, China's Cyberspace Administration clarifies the do's and don'ts for micro-blogging service providers. This will help filter the information that is shared and create self-discipline. The rule are planned to go into application on March 20 according to

Now bloggers are urged to mind what they publish. They also need to make sure that have secured environment and qualified teams. The rules also require that every micro-blogger get a permission or a kind of verification before going into service.

"It's the right time for the authority to issue such a rule, and it will be a key guide to regulate the industry," said Zhu Wei, deputy director of the China University of Political Science and Law's Communication Law Center.

Probably, it's also time for all of us to start taking such precautions. The world is now open and the majority of kids today have access to the information which could harm them. We hope governments start thinking of that now before it gets late.

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