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The Interpret Money Making Sectors in the World

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The baffling stories all the time now a cliché; that is the higher your education, the higher your money and knowledge. The higher your money because the higher you get in educating yourself, you are bound for high position in your line of course (work). At work, there you get to do less and earn big whereas the one beneath does all work and submits for deliberation. This is really literal to the fullest. I bet!

Many people usually think taking a course of honourable professions in future is quite the best way to affluence or being respected in society. Oh well, yeah! People usually respect them and no doubt about that. That’s because of the perception or notion behind them.

But as the saying goes “the fingers on the human hand are not the same” – translated from a local dialect in Ghana, verbatim. This saying proves that people in this world have different fate (karma). The creator of the universe and humans, made that for a reason. Not everyone is for the same profession. Everyone is unique in their own way, not ways duplicated. Each individual has a God – giving talent or skill. This some people find difficult to ascertain their skills. But nevertheless in that kinda situation, the best is to acquire one through a systematic training.

When you are on the right path, I mean following the skills acquire through a systematic training or talent, you become immortal and invincible. Immortal in the sense that, your name never dies. Take Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Alico Dangote and so on for instance. These people are a true definition of immortal.

Like the say goes “one does not die when their names are still being spoken, and that we’re truly gone when we disappear from the memories of those who loved us. Meaning, a famous person never dies, so long as their books are read, paintings are admired and songs are sang, they will live forever”. Like the above mentioned names and some more are enjoying their immorality and invincibility

These famous gurus didn’t use any sort of “magic” to run the pace of life. But they just understood their fate of life and worked towards it. They focused on what they did better and improved upon it.

The money making sectors come from all sides. The only thing for one is play his or her cards right. If we acquire skills by talent or through systematic training, we may develop it through the following them; Start with the little you have. Deny yourself to certain luxury such as sleeping more, addiction to phones). Know what you have. Surround yourself with real people. Position yourself, be true to yourself. Learn from your mistakes. Research. Humility. Presentation; always have something to show off. Identify your mentor and be a good protégé. Let our skills’ occupation be your passion and it may turn into business; a successful one.

With these and some more each individual can unlock their full potentials. For me to the world>>> we may have an eye for a profession because the perception or notion behind those profession and thus, they’re regarded to be at the top in the money making sectors in the world. But that’s not true. Follow your own skill’s pace. That’s the only way to bliss eternally. Coming up will be Talents development; where I’ll really elaborate more on the points I raised in this article. Stay tuned my dear readers. Thank you!

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