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Your blog; news or noise?

Emmanuel Mintah Asomaning -

People who usually blog mostly talk about their personal journals, news, business etc.

They usually find trending, catchy topics and they spice it up to be more interesting for readers to fancy.

They usually sit back and plan how to come up with interesting topics. Sometimes they create their own topic from politics, fashion, artistes, actors and actresses.

Well, certainly these are the most interesting and catchy ones.

Upon all the interesting and catchy topics, some blogs lack the most important in their message. That is they slack in bringing up the reasons why they are writing the message and tend to beat around the bush.

Most blogs do not contain the essential fundamental elements to meet the readers but have catchy and interesting topics, since they are already trending. Like a bad joker; whatever happens they still get the people to laugh at their predictable jokes.

What is actually a noisy blog?

A noisy blog is a blog that actually hides the real information with adverts and misleading call to actions to increase its traffic and the cost per click (CPC).

The actual thing is that, people always try to act smart just to make money from people.

Well that happens because as soon as you tap on the site to check what’s on the site the owner has already made a coin from your visit.

That’s how people play smart these days. They have nothing to say but they try to get catchy topics to draw the attention of people.

Now these people don’t actually say anything relevant anymore aside junk messages.

Their messages are also not close to 300 – 400 words and even the said words are limited with relevant information but junk messages.

The rest of the page is be covered with advertisement, misleading the information you wanted to junk. Having tons of unnecessary fact you cared less.

I had an experience this day, on my WhatsApp page this morning, I received a message from one the groups saying “trip to abroad, click to apply”. I was curious so I clicked and to my surprise it was a pornographic site with so many nude and attractive things but nasty. This for instance makes the creator of the blog a cent richer for the subterfuge. This is actually bad for the society.

What should a good blog contain?

  • The tenderness of making things clear and precise.

  • Going straight to the point raised.

  • The message coming out should be well criticised by your own self by knowing what the public wants.

  • Develop a writing style and tone appropriate to your subject material.

  • Posted even if the posts are short to avoid bluffing.

  • Providing space for your readers to comment on your posts.

  • Making efficient use of your concrete words. That’s your meaning should be real not fiction.

With this fundamental points one can make an article full of interesting news and most people will endeavour to see.

Wrapping up

It is high time we make the world a better place by giving out accurate and relevant information to people. You might be making some profit out of misleading information, but people who get lost because of it will one day attack you back by ignorance.

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