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Software Development creates better citizens, which Africa needs

Ahmed Salifou -

I am very concerned about building a new generation of better citizens in Africa through technology.

When you look at the most important issues that undermine Africa's development, you will see leadership taking the lead. Any other problem will always be the result of this same issue.

We are on a continent where mediocrity is at its pick. Get relations and fear not, your job is guaranteed. The culture of excellence is dead. Children are more motivated to make millions of dollars than going to school to acquire the knowledge.

If we go to school to make money in the future and I can make that money today, what's the point of going to school?

That is our chimera.

This attitude has been accumulated over time until today where that generation has to manage. It's the cause of many social diseases. Corruption and many other crimes have grown rampant.

When you are at the ground floor you use the same tricks to climb over others. Once in the highest floor, you start to realize how risky and dangerous the down floors are for your position. Then you start to request for damages repairs and arrangement.

The pressure is hard on our institutions and the people have to, and they can, do something about it without waiting for the leaders. We must have a good sense of responsibility to assure our part of the game in the society.

The new technological waves have brought new hopes and solutions. I am principally talking of software development. As a long time and full-time software developer, I know how much this career has impacted my own life over the past decade. I can testify of how software development has made of me an exemplary citizen. As an adopted child with less chance to get any good education, I had the chance to become any type of criminal or all but not a good person in society. Software development gave me the hope to explore my curiosity and build a career to myself. Today I can even give back all those skills I have learned over time to my fellow citizens.

Software development teaches a lot of skills which are good for building personality in individuals:

-- Sense of responsibility

-- Teamwork

-- Hard work

-- "Work and get paid" ideology

-- Be on top of a game

-- Creativity

-- Logic

-- Communication skill

-- Cool temper

Software development reduces crimes such as:

-- Corruption

-- Robbery

-- Bad-Seed citizens

-- Virus-Citizens

Governments and corporations should really consider investing in this field to favor fast development. A company where people have such skills and attitudes would be a great place to work. Developers love to impact and hate to fail. They are the best citizens.

The software has no border, we live with each other and collaborate while we are spread across the globe. This creates a new dimension of globalization and opens doors to new opportunities in our continent.

So many developers emerged from simple blogging to full-time entrepreneurs. Look at the example of Ameyaw Debrah,, Chris-Vincent Agyapong and many more.

Being a software developer is like being in a practical school lab. Every single project your work on trains you in a specific aspect of life. There are always these new things you discover and learn.

If we could motivate the young generation to use that path, no matter the sector in which they are, I am sure they will be a great improvement in our conditions.

Imagine a continent full of builders.

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