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LinkedIn calling scientists to help analyze their big data

Ahmed Salifou -

A few hours ago Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn made an announcement calling for researchers & academics to send a proposal of getting the opportunity to work on LinkedIn's big data.

LinkedIn intends to enable scientist to understand world's most challenging economic problems and established what they called the Economic Graph Research. And it's LinkedIn's goal to establish the first Economic Graph in the world.

LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, shares LinkedIn's vision to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce and the development of the world's first Economic Graph

What is the Economic Graph?

The Economic Graph is, in short, a digital mapping of the global economy. -LinkedIn

Studying its 3 billion members of the global workforce would help better establish their professional identity and subsequently find and realize their most valuable opportunities.

It will also help establish the profile of every company which is important to seize more opportunities offered by those companies such as full-time, temporary, and volunteer, and every skill required to obtain jobs.

The program will be accepting proposals throughout June 1, 2017. If you are interested in digging more or want to apply, here are the details about it: Economic Graph Research - Details

So far, there is this question of fake data has invaded most social media such as LinkedIn itself. There is this skepticism about the accuracy of the results since we know for example that we can have fake endorsements and people can also form that they worked for a company while they didn't, or worse the company might not be existing.

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