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From an IT Student to a Business woman: “the Story of Neema"

Ahmed Salifou -

Neema Love Deguah Neufville is a Liberian who holds a Bsc Degree in Information Technology (IT) from the Blue Crest College, a Diploma and Certificate in Networking from NIIT and a Certificate in Graphics Designing from Data Techno with all institutions being resident in Ghana.


Upon completion of her studies, Mrs. Neufville embraced the concept of Entrepreneurship and harbored the desire to establish her own Business in order to provide goods and services, engender self-employment and provide employment opportunities to other young people.

She was motivated after realizing the huge unemployment rate affecting economies across Africa with Ghana being no exception.

"The increasing rate of unemployment in Africa will not decline unless there are substantive investments within the private sectors", Says Neema.

This youthful generation must explore business opportunities and create their own jobs in narrowing the unemployment gap. The journey to realize such aspiration was obviously challenging but with God’s wisdom and guidance, the Business was established.

A partnership emerged and the business was established in 2011, which is now called "LUMOFA COMPANY LIMITED". She serves as Manager with the business being captured under the concept of LIMITED LIABILITY as espoused from the science of Economics.

LUMOFA COMPANY LIMITED is a company which provides the following services including Cosmetics, Makeup, T-shirts (Plain and customized), African Shoes, Children Clothing, Branded Perfumes, etc.


LUMOFA is located at Kwashieman, Santamaria Road, Accra, Ghana. The most interesting aspect of LUMOFA’s business supply is the production of its own “Brand of Perfumes” which is being produced in the United States of America.

In the pilot phase of its production, LUMOFA has produced more than 200 bottles of its branded perfumes in categories of Males, Females, and Unisex. Some of these perfumes are currently on the Ghana market.


As an ambitious person, Mrs. Neufville envisages a situation in which LUMOFA will have many branches across Ghana and possibly outside Ghana.

She intends to use LUMOFA as an inspiration for many young persons who perceive the venture of establishing a business as impossible. She offers an advice that individuals can reach their full potentials with God’s wisdom and an attitude of perseverance, commitment and focus.

A lot is to be discovered on Mrs. Neufville, such as many of her accomplishment while at Blue Crest College and at NIIT. She is a very open-minded person and knows how to seize opportunities. You can get in touch with her if you want to establish any business relation or if you want her to answer some of your questions in entrepreneurship, or to get to test LUMOFA's products. Drop her a message at

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