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14 Amazing inspirational status friends can provide you on whatsapp

Ahmed Salifou -

It's surprising how life can talk to us sometimes. I recently stopped using whatsapp because of the noise it always causes. A few days ago I got a new phone which had whatsapp installed. So I decided to reactivate my profile and experience it once again.

Once done, I wanted to thumble up through my contacts list. And at my big surprise I was inpired by diffent statuses the all had. I would like to share with you the message in this post. For that, let me walk you through some of the status:

1. Pure and unconditial love you give me Jesus my Best in life

Indeed, with Jesus's love no limitation of joy. This person finds his/her strengh through God's love.

2. Honestly... some of us are just not fit to fail... I am leaving a mark that brings Glory to Jehovah's Name

A pure glory to God. Walking and dedicating every step to Almighty God. Wonderful.

3. Have faith in God

Simple and straight forward.

4. Qui ne ferme pas le passé ne peux pas creer le present ni le future (Who doesn't close the passe can not create the present nor the future)

This is absolutely powerful since our pass seem to pull us back sometimes. Sticking to the pass can limit us in the presence and therefore prevent us from reaching our goals in the future.

5. Je me sens bien(I feel good)

This makes me think of the song "I feel good" of James Brown If you know that song you will easily understand this message :)

6. Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education

Indeed, having one without the other is unbalanced. Any educational material or process should always target these two destinations. A well educated person should have the two.

7. It cost GHS 0.00 to be a decent human being

This is my favorite. Choosing to be good doesn't cost anything unlikely being the opposite. It feels somehow that people lack decency in this new world while it costs nothing to be a decent person.

8. At school

Probably a big fan of Socrate ;) I love this statement because it might actually mean something beyond the walls of a complex called school. This might actually be the school of life in which we all are and we'll always be. An endless learning process.

9. Quelque soit la duree de la nuit le soleil apparaitra(Whatever the duration of the night the sun appear)

This to say, you will always reach the next level/step. You will not remain in the same position all the time. Your moments of sufferness will pass by.

10. Learning is the key

Sure. As Bob Marley said it in one of his songs, "Education is the key". This is a universal truth. In the Bible Jesus said "Lack of knowledge my people perish". And this has been confirmed in Al-Quran with the term "Iqra" which means "Read". Africans use to say "when an old man dies, it's a whole library that has bearnt". Simply because of the knowledge and wisdom they have accumulated in time.

11. Proverb 22:29

" Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. KJV"

Ok, I did not get this one well but I am sure it deals with business.

12. Weeping may last for a night but joy cometh in the morning

This one joins our number 9.

13. Life is not the amount of breath you take, is the moment that take your breath away.

Hmmm. Scary this one, but the fact actually. You think your life is the sum of your accomplishment,. But in reality you loose your life every time you make a step ahead. Days you take to make up your life are the same life takes to take you away. Some kind of antagonistic movement.

14. Love you momy

This is what everyone should be saying to his/her mother every morning before vacating to any other business.


It's just inspiring to read this. As surprising that can be, we can impact and educate people unknowingly. Adding all this statuses together made us get a strong message. An encouragement for everyone.

I am sure if you try going through your own friends list you will discover something new today.

Note that, this can also help you realise the kind of freinds you have. I can see through this that my friends are more religious and philosophers. I bet you will be surprise. Please, you can share with us your finds here through the comments under this post.

Thank you for reading.

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