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You can't fly to US with your laptop from now on

Ahmed Salifou -

The Department of Homeland Security just announced the ban of carry-on laptops and tablets from several Muslim countries. This ban includes Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.

According to the DHS, this decision is made after an Intelligence has shown that terrorists are still targeting commercial flights. Besides, they are innovating they attack methods by using smuggling explosive devices in various consumer items.

This ban affects on l0 out of 250 that serve as last point departure. And you could not carry on any device that's more that a cell phone or a smartphone. Anything bigger must be secured in checked luggage. Among those devices, the DHS cites:

-- Laptops

-- Tablets

-- E-Readers

-- Cameras

-- Portable DVD players

-- Electronic game units larger than a smartphone

-- Travel printers/scanners

Soon after the US, the Britain also plans to ban from six Middle Eastern nations amid terror threat

Here is a tweet by the Royal Jordanian on the case:

Read an analysis done by The Verge.

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