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Do your thing and don't mind anybody

Ahmed Salifou -

Will you blame Jesus or His Father or yourself, when you find out that you were not able to achieve what you have been dreaming of?

Usually, we waste all our time waiting for others to push us up or to back us up before we react. We put too much belief in others to come and rescue us one day.

Let me tell you, they won't push you up, but they will rather pull you down, lower than what you are. They will never come for your salvation or at least they will be very late for you because they have to think of themselves first.

We are more than 7 billion living humans in this world. you can't tell me that in this amount of people even one person will not like what you have to offer, what you are. Unless you are not alive, more than 7 billion! Let me tell you this:

Do your thing, do it well and remain constant in it, and you will see. Image a common marketplace, with some few thousand of people, take simple tomatoes on a plate and go and say "for sale", in less than an hour, I guaranty you will not come back with that tomatoes.

Success in this world nowadays may look impossible to you; remember this: not only it is possible, but it even easier than before, because you are not the only one trying to bring up his head, everyone does, believe me. If you want a proof to that, just give a look at your Facebook's wall.

So, keep on doing it well and have faith in yourself. The world will never help you cry but it will always help you laugh because nobody is looking for sorrow.

You will have people to mock you, insult you, even ban you. Do not give them any attention, focus on the ones who will applaud you and give you thanks, because, we can't never, I say never, make everyone happy. Even Barack Obama, Even Harry potter, etc can't do that. So, why could somebody be expecting from you?

So, the deal is simple, you want to do something, do it. If it works, fine, keep it up, otherwise, fine too, keep on thinking, and never complain.

You have ideas, projects, dreams hanging here and there. You believe you would never be able to achieve them. Let me tell you this, the worse thing you could do is to stop thinking of your ideas, not being able to accomplish them yet.

The key point here is to always keep thinking of your dreams, even if you don't have the means to bring it to life.

Be consistent and obedient to your own rules.

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