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12 tips to succeed in setting up your business

Emmanuel Mintah Asomaning -

Setting a business is a big marathon which requires a lot of energy and time. Time is key because it factors anything in this life. Misusing it might cost you a lot in your plans. Here I would Like to share with you some little tricks and attitudes you can adopt to save more time, be healthy and maybe to help you open better doors.

1. Avoid anger

Anger is one dangerous thing. It makes more harm than good. It costs you everything and never benefit you in anything. It makes you see life in competition and adversity, while it's a great place to enjoy.

Anger is an attitude that will always keep you away from people and vice-versa. And that is never good for business. Remember, man is a social animal. He needs other to live and to be complete.

Anger will always prevent you from thinking right. It will make you see things in dark even if their are light. It will make you loose or miss opportunities, because where you can nicely talk to people your anger can push you to the opposite, and those people will just keep quit and go away with your chances. Remember, you always need others in everything, even your dead body needs others.

Besides, tell me what you gain with anger?

If your answer is "Nothing" or "not sure", or "I don't know" then really you have to look back in your life. You may have been missing thing. As the third tip suggests it, go and apologize, sincerely. Do it for yourself.

2. Be nice to people

Nice character is the absolute opposite of being angry. But not being angry does not necessary make you a nice person. You need to work this out. Everyone in this whole planet is like you, even though we don't physically look alike. We are all running after a better life. We want to reach a line of joy and self fulfillment. Our life target might differ from one person to another, but this remains the same thing; we all want peace, happiness, and to be loved. Always remember to give the chance to others to have that feeling.

3. Apologize if you fail somewhere

Apologizing can look like weakness sometimes. But I bet you, it's the best way to reach self-satisfaction for free. By doing that you allow others to feel well and reciprocally you benefit from it because you just made someone feel well what automatically makes you feel the same thing. Deeply that unties you from a feeling of heavy duty, which duty is a dangerous barrier to your motivation and inspiration.

4. Help others every time it will make you happy doing so

You are better than many. Even things you consider as meaningless can be useful to someone. Give out something: skills, counseling, donation, etc. This might be a colleague, a beggar, a friend, a family member or any other person who may require your assistance.

5. Pray and be constant

No matter what you believe in. Start observing it consistently. The prayer time-table comes to complete your business schedule. This will help you disconnect yourself from the busy world from time to time. Which is excellent for your brain.

6. Wake up very early

Many people talk of the benefits of starting a day very early. It will give more time in the day and you start with a fresh mind in a calm environment.

7. Get some sport discipline

Get your self a good disciplinary activity, like early morning jogging. This will help you have more focus on your time-table. Additionally it will keep you in good health. You will have more energy and remain active for long periods.

8. Reduce girl/boy friends

I didn't want to ask you not to have one and I know you might not be able to do that, but I will rather ask you to reduce them to one. This will save you a lot of money and time.

9. Learn how to love figures more than cash

Holding cash in hand has a villain habit of distracting you. Learn to love e-cash. This will help avoid unnecessary expenses like buying little things on your ways.

10. Avoid procrastination

Today, do what you are supposed to do. Sending it back to another time does not push just one thing back, but almost every other thing that is supposed to follow. Doing thing at the right time is surely going to help you an instant feedback of everything you do which will help you have clear view of your achievement.

11. Do not celebrate your success

Celebration is a stop. Thinking of celebration is you thinking of an arrival. I would advice you not to look much at what you have already achieved, but look at it as a step witch requires the next.

12. Always have books to read

This point is very crucial. People in this world have work hard, did deep researches on vast and various subjects. You have a lot to learn from them. A lot of wisdom is hide in books. Moreover, by reading this improves your serenity and your knowledge. You will acquire new skills that you could not get the chance to explore while you were still schooling.


This is a kind of formula I have been using for a while now to help myself. After seeing the benefit, I thought it could also be good you know it. Please feel free to add your input, or ask me any question if you don't understand something. Thanks for reading.

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