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10 Social responsibilities of firms you might not know

Emmanuel Mintah Asomaning -

Social responsibility of a company refers to how it deals with the environment by including external concerns in its decision making process to help it have higher heights in society.

Every company has its role to play in wherever it finds itself. The role is to be played by workers and owners of the firm.

Mostly companies can become a success through their consistent obliging to their responsibilities to the community it finds itself and to the government.

That is, we can only make a firm or company a success by repaying to the community and the government.

Now what are your responsibilities as a firm’s head to the community and the government?

Relax, I’ll be telling you everything you need to know in this article.

1 -- Paying of taxes to the government and in time.

One of company's greatest responsibility is to be a consistent tax payer to the government. To be free from any kind of disturbances like the government always chasing firms for taxes, and even sometimes makes them pay penalties for delaying in paying the taxes in time.

Every business firm should normally make sure it gets far away as possible from trouble. And for a business which wants nothing bogus but genuine environment in terms of having cordial relations with their customers and the government should be consistent in their tax payment. Remember, consistency is the key.

With this, businesses move on smoothly with no disturbances from the judiciary. This makes paces faster and environment, genuine.

2. Supporting the government policies.

Firms who usually go contrary to the policies of the state mostly works towards their downfall or liquidation. Every firm in this world works under certain limits since the firms are located in countries.

Governments usually fix minimum wages for workers with the minimum or no qualifications. When it also comes with the export drives initiatives, it is the government that make policies like that. That is, they are responsible for making export policies as to how many goods for sale can be exported in a month, the quantity and type of goods to be imported by a firm to the country.

Making a government policy your least priority calls the company’s liquidation.

3. Avoiding pollution

Well this goes to companies that manufacture goods. For instance, Coke – cola, uniliver, printing press, etc.

Making these types of goods they produce everyday requires heavy and noisy machines and these machines usually causes pollution to the general public at large.

If companies like that want to have serene environment to work in, then I recommend them to have a sound proof shield glass to avoid noise from the factories to get to the community.

Also another form of pollution is the air pollution. Industries which are situated at nearby towns and cities usually cause air pollution. These air pollutions are harmful to the body and therefore causes all kinds of diseases associated with respiration, when we breathe in.

With this certainly a business would not develop because people who will patronise your goods are being sick and also visiting the hospitals and some worse scenarios death sets in.

Factories owners can avoid these things by relocating the manufacturing site. Situating it at a remote area; far from civilisation.

4. Avoid embarking on deceptive advertisement

Some companies base their advertisement on deception. Like well explained by this post: Your blog, news or noise. Some people mislead information just for people to view their page on the internet.

That’s the same way some advertisers make their adverts these days. They try to make their adverts interesting by bringing up some facts in their advertisement just for people’s attention and adherence.

Deceiving people to patronise your goods can lead to the downfall of a company. People patronising you business can stop when the find out. Also the they will try to tarnish the company’s image by talking bad of you. And that can cost the firm very much.

5. Good relations

Developing good relationships with suppliers and customers is a hard or tedious task to fulfil. Having good relations with suppliers and customers requires communications, fair treatment, loyalty, and holding up your end of any bargains you make.

Having fair deals is a key to good relation.

That is a firm should always have fair deals with their partners to avoid conflict or court cases to set in. Just hold up your bargain firmly that’s all it requires to have fair relation.

6. Correct payment of wages and salaries

Employees depend on their salaries to survive. Delaying them could mean suicide.

For a firm to develop it mostly depends on employees. Development comes from the employees’ output.

In regard to this if they are delayed of payment of their salaries, their level of output reduces. Meaning their attitudes towards work changes from commitment and positive to negative attitudes. Furthermore, if the wages or salaries of employees are made shorten of the right amount, that will make employees show remorsefulness and in addition lack interest in the company they find themselves in.

For a firm to grow well on a steady pace, its heads should make this responsibility a priority. It will make each individual in the firm happy and always be glad to work at the firm.

7. Encouraging and engaging in communal labour

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Since companies are located in cities and towns, they are responsible in communal work too. They should not only oblige to companies works only. Instead they should mobilize the youth and make the community in which they find themselves in clean.

Firms’ heads are supposed to keep their places of residence clean in order to have high respects from customers.

Therefore this should be done at least twice in a month.

With this the firm also fulfils another major responsible, that is, providing job opportunities. Since vacant places in firms have been occupied, this is another way firms can create job opportunities in a community.

This process will contribute to another responsibility and that is community development.

8. Philanthropy

All firms’ heads should have the desire to promote the welfare of people less privileged. Being it physical challenges, funds challenges, orphanages, etc… Firms’ heads are not supposed to be focused on how to use all their profits into their business or some other things but should show some favours back to the community.

Things that firms’ head can do to help promote the welfare of people less privileged; visiting the orphanage from time to time to give them gifts and ransoms, providing scholarships for people who lack funds to further their education, be part of huge contribution in terms of funds that will help the country, etc.

Firms’ heads should donate money, time, skills and material goods to things they support. This will help the community and the country as a whole.

9. Social education and awareness

Companies that engage in socially responsible activities should often take action to exclude production practices that could cause harm to the public. Those firms should embark regardless that they are required by law.

For instance, a firm can have a hazards control policies and programmes to help and protect the public from exposures to hazardous materials.

This can be achieved through social education and awareness. Effects of kinds of pollutions; noise, air, water, and environment pollution, effects of untidiness in societies, ways to prevent killer diseases can be inculcated to the public to develop their sense of awareness.

10. Abiding by all government rules and regulations

Consistent adherence to the laws of a state is a prominent responsibility and most of all the top responsibility that all firms should endeavour to partake.

Since firms in every country operates under set of rules given by an existing government, there should be a need of consistence obedience and abiding to the laws of the state. Therefore, renders a firm solid reasons to greater height.

Wrap up

Thank you for reading. I care a lot about how companies can participate in various ways to the development of nations. I hope through this new entrepreneurs can find a path to how to stay right.

These responsibilities can vary from one government to another or from one region to another. I am expect to cover those that are almost universal to most mankind.

If you have any idea to share which can contribute to the enhancement of this post, please use the comment feed bellow to write.

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